Online Reputation Management

Monitoring the Internet reputation of a person, brand or business.

Google yourself. What do you see? Are you represented fairly?

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) refers to taking control of the what people see when they search for your name. Techniques and strategies that are used by experts in India like me ensure that people find the right materials when they query regarding your presence on the Internet.
With the advent of online reputation management, I create a balanced place along with removing the misleading trends and allowing my clients to put their best foot forward.
Currently, online reputation matters the most as when people get to know about the individual they just google it or finds him on the search engine than that have both positive and negative effect on the brain of the individual searching about the query.

What makes me different from other Online Reputation Management expert in Himachal.

Multiple targets. In SEO aim is to make a certain page rank high, ideally in the very first position in the SERPs. In ORM, the focus is not on the position, but controlling what gets onto the first page. Therefore, I use best among all Online reputation management techniques and works on creating an ecosystem of materials, with every article depicting the stories in complementary and different ways.
Displacement versus promotion. My focus while maintaining Online Reputation is to move a specific site or sites down and displacing misleading information or gossip with higher quality and supportive materials.
Keyword focus. Specific search terms are focused while developing a strategy for Online reputation management campaign. Only those keywords are targeted that have a high impact on an individual reputation.

Being an SEO expert it’s my first priority to satisfy my customers in the best way possible. That parameter defines me as a true SEO /SEM /SMM expert in India. It’s the work that speaks not the words.